Kverneland Exacta HL

El modelo de alta capacidad

La abonadora Kverneland Exacta HL, con volúmenes de hasta 3.900 litros y con una anchura máxima de abonado de 54 metros, es la abonadora perfecta para una mayor capacidad. Gracias a los dos ejes de entrada de la toma de fuerza en la caja de cambios central, es más fácil conducir siempre a la velocidad deseada y, en combinación con el sistema de agitador de "rotación lenta", la abonadora Kverneland Exacta HL puede esparcir con altas velocidades de disco para obtener un patrón de abonado muy uniforme. La abonadora Kverneland Exacta HL puede funcionar de forma hidráulica o eléctrica. La abonadora con control eléctrico se puede manejar desde la cabina del tractor a través del ordenador Exacta Remote II.


  • Sistema de abonado CentreFlow
  • EasySet para un ajuste rápido y sencillo
  • ¡El abonado de bordes es fácil!
  • Equipamiento estándar y opcional disponible para satisfacer sus necesidades
  • Exacta Remote Control II para manejar la abonadora desde la cabina del tractor

Especificaciones técnicas

Exacta HL (estrecha) HL 1500 HL 2150 HL 2800 HL 3450
Capacidad de la tolva (l) 1500 2150 2800 3450
Altura de llenado (cm) 110 129 148 167
Anchura (cm) 275
Ancho de llenado (cm) 269
Peso en vacío (kg) 500 530 560 590
Anchura de trabajo (m) 12 - 54*
Flujo (kg/min) 10 - 320

* Dependiendo del tipo de abono y del tipo de paletas.

Exacta HL (ancha) HL 1875 HL 2550 HL 3225 HL 3900
Capacidad de la tolva (l) 1875 2550 3225 3900
Altura de llenado (cm) 110 129 148 167
Anchura (cm) 290
Ancho de llenado (cm) 284
Peso en vacío (kg) 515 545 575 605
Anchura de trabajo (m) 12 - 54*
Flujo (kg/min) 10 - 320

* Dependiendo del tipo de abono y del tipo de paletas.


CentreFlow Spreading System

  • No impact, no fragmentation, no dust: Central release point, smooth acceleration and centrifugal force accelerates fertiliser up to disc speed before it reaches the vane.
  • Accurate spreading pattern: A double overlap spreading pattern gives unrivalled accuracy. The 8 vanes per discs are ensuring a continous flow of fertiliser to the field. This is important for high capacity spreading and forward speed.
  • Minimal wind influence, maximum tolerance: Flat discs and a horizontal flow of fertiliser give a symmetrical spreading pattern.
  • Consistent spreading pattern: Eight vanes per disc, eight sectors per revolution give an equal distribution. Double overlap spreading pattern.
  • Guaranteed accuracy on slopes: guaranteed accuracy on slopes. The fertiliser always contacts the vanes at the same point, also on slopes and travels the complete length of the vane.

8 vanes per disc

Optimal distribution

CentreFlow principle

EasySet: Easy Setting and Adjustment

  • The compact EasySet 'dashboard' gives you considerably simplified accurate setting and adjustment of application rates. Two hydraulically operated metering plates, each with three discharge openings ensure an equal fertiliser flow from the hopper to the spreading discs.
  • The development department of Kvernelands spreader R&D team has its own spreader competence centre in order to allow continuous testing throughout the year. All test are carried out according to the strictest international standards and quality requirements.
  • The key to accurate spreading is matching fertiliser quality and litre weight with the spreading charts as close as possible. The Kverneland Exacta checklist helps you to ensure consistent accuracy in all field conditions
    1. Select fertiliser type
    2. Determine granule size and distribution
    3. Determine litre weight

Granule size box

Spreader Competence Centre

Border Spreading

  • Kverneland offers the ExactLine system or manual/hydraulic border spreading plate for border spreading. The ExactLine can be accurately set for all types of fertiliser and for all working widths. Operation is easy, no need to leave the tractor seat. For the HL, TL and TLX models the ExactLine can even be fitted on the left and right hand side of the spreader.
  • With one-side boundary spreading the tractor is driven approximately 2 metres from the field border.
  • With boundary track spreading the tractor is driving in the first tramline and is spreading to the border. The distance to the border is the half of the working width.
  • The Border Spreading Indicator (BSI), indicates which border spreading device is active.

Standard and Optional Equipment

  • The Exacta HL/TL(X) spreaders are also available mounted on a trailer frame.
  • Central Hydraulic Drive as option available for the HL/TL(GEOSPREAD).
  • Easy to assemble aluminium hopper extensions are available to increase hopper capacity.
  • An easy to fold in and out hopper cover is as option available. Simple to fit! This can be the manual hopper cover or with the electrical version controlled via the tractor cab.
  • Left/right shut off valve for spreading at half working widths is optional available.
  • To ensure a consistent flow when spreading low quantities, the CentreFlow system is equipped with a fine application kit. Ideal for spreading low quantities, seeds and slug pellets.
  • Delta shaped heavy duty grids are standard equipment of the Exacta HL/TL(X) spreader.
  • Centre gear box with 2 input shafts for high and low disc speed settings is standard equipment of the HL/TL(X) spreader.
  • Hopper emptying kit is optional available to easy get the last fertiliser out of your hopper.
  • Easy calibration is done with the optional calibration container.
  • Long lifetime LED lighting set, is optional for the EL, CL and CL-EW. For the HL, TL and TL(X) GEOSPREAD spreader is this standard equipment.
  • The mud guards (option) protect the spreading disc against mud, water etc.

Exacta Remote Control II

  • With Exacta Remote II, you can operate the spreader from the closed tractor cab!
  • The operating panel provides all the functions to start and stop the spreader, to set the right application rate and to increase and decrease the application rate on the move. The latest settings are retained in the memory function.
  • Both discs can be shut off independently to spread half working width.
  • Specially sealed actuators are used to cope with corrosive conditions.